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Very Supportive Counseling Staff!
I am confident that we found the right place for our son. Within one month the counseling staff was able to uncover his greatest pain. He was able to share the psychological scar with us while his family counselor sat by his side. In our son's words, “Today I look out the window and see a future with wonderful opportunity. I never saw that before.” No program, facility nor therapist in the past has ever helped our son achieve this level of self worth. Thank you Drug Rehab Philadelphia!
, Philadelphia May 11, 2012

Excellent Alcohol Rehab!
Thank you Drug Rehab Philadelphia! I can't say enough good things about Drug Rehab Philadelphia. I used to drink a lot and it got out of control. After my husband left me I knew something had to be done. My sister helped me find an alcohol rehab and I went to Drug Rehab Center Philadelphia. It worked. I'm sober now and I'm going to stay that way.
, Philadelphia Feb 7, 2012

Best Drug Rehab!
This is best Drug Rehab Philadelphia! I can say that I've been 2 years clean cause of the treatment programs this place has! Even with struggling and fighting the cravings everyone here was so friendly and never gave up on any one here! Loved this place I still have some good friends from here.
, Philadelphia Aug 20, 2011

Very Caring and Loving Staff!
I am very happy to be drug free at this moment of my life thanks to Drug Rehab Philadelphia, For real to give you the run down, to start it off when I went, I fell in love with the staff. It really is a special place and I recommend it to everyone looking for another chance at a clean life style.
, Philadelphia Oct 14, 2011

Awesome Treatment Program!
Treatment program at Drug Rehab Philadelphia was the program I never knew I was always looking for. The individualized approach, holistic outlook and ability to address my underlying problems proved to be key pieces on my road to recovery. I grew so much as a person during my time there and if a person is battling addiction, I couldn't think of a better program for them to use.
, Philadelphia Dec 26, 2011

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